100 Miles to the End Soundtrack

by Various


Film written and directed by John Beattie

Soundtrack mastered with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig

Mick Hargreaves has two recordings on this film soundtrack: "Bridget" (written by Gary Jude Anderson), and "Hometown". Stay tuned for CD release news, and stream the album here:



released October 4, 2013

Clouds at Dusk, Glenn Goodman & Tom LaGrassa, Mick Hargreaves, Peter Kennedy, The Montauk Project, Oogee Wawa and Dalton Portella are featured on the music soundtrack to the film "A Hundred Miles To The End", which follows a lifelong Surfer as he re-visits the places he used to surf over his 48 years of surfing on Long island, starting at the western end of the island and heading east to Montauk.

Shot exclusively on Long Island, "A Hundred Miles to The End" features some of New York's best Surfers and some of its best surf spots, including Mikey DeTemple, Will Skudin, TJ Gumella, Balaram Stack, Trip Patterson, Chris Tomlin, and music from many Long Island musicians.

DVD's and Pay-Per-View will be available beginning July 29, 2013. For full info, latest updates and screening dates, please visit:


Soundtrack compilation mastering:

Lantern Sound Recording Rig / www.facebook.com/lanternsound



Mick Hargreaves New York, New York

Cool 'n' Steady Burning, With A Robust Flavor That Always Tastes Fresh; A Candy-Rock Coating with Country Vibes and a Psychedelia Garnish.

Performing solo and with The King Guys (Mike Bifulco, Gary Dawson, Don Mangels, Jen Hargreaves-Pawliczak, Jeff McLary, Chris Mehos, Howie Silverman, Tom Ryan)
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